Favelli Home 'Nuclear Summer' Art Print, Old Truck Flower , Fantasy Artwork Poster



Artist Inspiration: When life "goes to hell in a hand basket", we tend to stop noticing that natural beauty persists. This mixed media artwork - a combination of photography, modified watercolor paintings and digital art - recognizes that things can be strangely beautiful even when nothing else is right. The green, brown and blue palate is both understated and vibrant - the perfect conversation piece!

Coordinated Art Items: Explore additional coordinated pillows and art in the Fantasy Mix & Match.


  • Canvas or Poster, Large or Small:  All Favelli Home art is offered as both canvas wall art and poster art, giving you options for price and appearance!
  • High Quality Print Paper: All Favelli Home posters are printed on premium photo paper, with a mixture of a gloss and matte finish, which gives the art a highly saturated, sophisticated look.


  • Be Aware of Proportions:  When looking at our lifestyle photos, pay close attention to the proportions of the space being decorated and the wall art. 
  • Framing and Matting:  Both canvas wall art and poster/prints can be framed which can dramatically change the character of the art in the room!
  • Color Variation: Actual color may vary slightly from what you see on your monitor screen due to monitor variations.