Favelli Home offers decorative throw pillows and pillow covers with original art in multiple colors and art styles. Our decorative art throw pillows and pillow cases give your home decor an artistic "pop" by adding color, texture and mood to your living room couch, the corner arm chair or your bedroom.  Even more, we offer coordinated original wall art in curated collections to help you reflect your style and express your moods!


Warm Red, Orange & Yellow

Throw pillows in red, pink, yellow and orange add a warmth & brightness to your living room sofa or your bedroom.

Purple, Blues and Subdued

Do you prefer less "fire" colors and more mood? Throw pillows in blue, purple or green can create a lovely moody vibe.

Abstract Decorative Accents

Abstract art is more than just color. Abstracts can create motion, texture, mood and a modern touch in home decor.

Need Wall Art? Check Out Our Coordinated Collection

Our Mix & Match recommendations combine wall art and throw pillows from our collections that complement each other and "play nice" in the same space. This makes it easier for you to find companion art and throw pillows to complete your home decor project.